Wednesday, December 02, 2015

South Korea: Bright Moon

Hello everyone :) Did everyone in the American world enjoyed Thanksgiving and gained a few pounds because of all the turkey and sweet potato?

I personally didn't enjoy it very much because I had this really bad cold since three weekends ago.....And I'm still coughing day and night til this day because it just wouldn't leave me alone... For those of you out there...Stay warm and take care :)

I received this postcard earlier this week from a postcrosser from South Korea and I like this card A LOT. Like....a 11 out of 10 it I had to rate it.

Although it's just a simple card with a moon on it....I could feel the calm and peacefulness from the card...

I could probably just stare at it for hours :)

So how do you like this card?
Do you like moon postcards?

Hope you are all enjoying your day :)

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  1. hi Michelee, I like to take photos of our only moon., ;p

    1. thats awesome :) I love postcards with moon on it