Monday, June 11, 2018

Netherlands: Haarlem

Some ideas of what to do if you decide to visit this beautiful city in the Netherlands:

1) Grote Markt
At the historic heart of Haarlem, this vast square is located underneath the imposing Grote Kerk, and is the image of the city that many people will recognize. Hosting regular festivals, concerts and markets, the Grote Markt is the hub of daily life in Haarlem and just happens to be one of the prettiest city squares in the country.

2) Frans Hals Museum
Golden Age portrait painter Frans Hals is one of the Haarlem's most famous sons, and his legacy can be seen all over the city. Nowhere more so than at the Frans Hals museum, a large gallery dedicated to Golden Age art and Hal's portraiture.

3) Hidden Courtyards
Haarlem is a city known for its Hofjes, and there are beautiful green spaces tucked away behind many unassuming street, most dating back to medieval times. There are 21 main public hofjes in Haarlem, spanning from the ancient to the very modern.

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