Sunday, August 30, 2015

Japan: Kanagawa (神奈川県) Gotochi, Tokyo Tower, Sleepy Cat

Hello Everyone :) Enjoying the last weekend before school starts?

Few days ago, I got my first direct swap from Japan. (yay :D  arigatou)

They were three awesome cards from Kazusa :)

This first one is Tokyo Tower with fireworks at night. I do like fireworks a lot because they bring happiness and at the same time symbolize that something is worth celebrating. Also, it‘s just difficult to get a bright and clear picture of them.
This second one is the very first gotochi card I've ever gotten. Now I understand why people are obsessed over them because they are shaped and show the famous landmarks of the province.
The postcard here is Wakasaki Daishi (Heiken-ji), which is written as 川崎大師平間寺 in Japanese. Every year, people come to this temple and wish for luck.

Cats are just my FAVORITE (as always)
And yawning ones are especially cute and adorable
Caption on the card says:
" It'd be nice to be doing some fun and interesting things"
Isn't that cute? hehe

Hope you like these cards too :)
See you again

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