Thursday, August 27, 2015

South Korea: Nami Island (남이섬)

 I got these postcards when I visited the Nami Island in summer time 2013. It was an island that’s located on the northern Han River; and it is 63 kilometers east of Seoul. The most famous view on the island is the Metasequoia footpath, which is shown on two of postcards taken in spring and winter respectively. There are also few ostriches on the island.

The reason for the island to be so famous, especially the Matasequoia Path, is because it was one of the main filming locations of the KBS drama Winter Sonata. Since the drama, the number of visitors increased more than 10-fold to 3 million in 2014.

Although Nami Island is not an independent country, it has declared its cultural independence and was renamed Naminara Republic.

Metasequoia Lane - Spring

Probably the best time to go to Nami Island because the island is very lively and you can see the entire island riding the bike.

Metasequoia Lane - Winter

It'd be fun to go during winter they say.
It'll not be cold they say.

Forest of Crimson Foliage

Most likely taken during fall, these red leaves are giving a message that summer ended and winter is about to come.

Yellow Ginkgo Forest

This is my personal favorite :) I think it'd be awesome if my wedding pictures are taken here :P

Hope you liked Nami Island :) I'd go again if I had the chance to
Definitely going back for the O_O
(I'm going back for the food.....)

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  1. My favourite is the first one; green leaves have a way of making sunlight greener, that I find very calming, almost soothing to look at.
    They all have a magical atmosphere though ♡