Tuesday, January 26, 2016

USA: Avalanche, Colorado

Today was a great day :) I got a postcard from Italy, USA, and South Korea respectively. <3

This beautiful avalanche postcard was sent to be as a kind reply for a postcrossing card I sent to a user.

Avalanche would result from gravity, primary due to loose snowpack or increase precipitation in the area. It can also be cause by skiers, snowmobiles, animals, or explosives.

With a picture that featured the dangerous and breathtaking avalanche, it was taken from Telluride, Colorado. This is a very beautiful card because I like snow a lot and I don't see snow very often regarding where I live. Although it's rather dangerous to do, I hope I'd be able to see this in-person someday.

:: WalaGemini 01/25/2016

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